How to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental in Cornwall

Having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys. Just because you’re renting, that doesn’t mean you have to live without your furry (or unfurry) companions. With more people renting long-term, finding a pet-friendly rental is a top priority for many tenants.

If you want to find a pet-friendly rental in Cornwall, we’ll give our view on renting with pets and give you tips on how to find a pet-friendly rental that you and your beloved animals can call home.

Is it Hard to Rent With Pets?

Finding a rental that allows pets in the UK can be tricky. According to Zoopla, only 7%[1] of landlords advertise pet-friendly rentals on their property listings. This can make finding a rental that allows you to live with your dog, cat, or reptilian friend difficult.

However, new rules introduced in the UK require landlords not to issue a blanket ban on pets. If a tenant requests to rent with a pet, the landlord should consider your request seriously and only decline if they have a sound reason.

This is good news for renters, but it can still make finding a pet-friendly rental difficult. Sometimes, speaking to a local letting agent in Cornwall is the best way to know if the landlord already accepts pets in their property without you having to submit a request.

How to Find a Pet-Friendly Rental

1.   Apply Filters

When browsing rentals on property portals, make use of the ‘pet-friendly’ filters available. While data suggests that not all landlords use the filter, you could still find several properties in your search results – one of which could be the dream home you’re looking for.

2.   Ask a Landlord

Since the new rules for landlords mean they shouldn’t issue a blanket ban on pets, you can make a request on any property to ask if you can live there with your pet.

When making your request, try to include as much information as possible to convince your landlord that your pet is responsible and you are a responsible owner. Include a picture of your pet if you can, and highlight other information like training and vaccination records in your request.

3.   Speak to a Letting Agent

Local letting agents are great resources to help you find a pet-friendly rental. Often, they’ll know if a landlord is open to pets even if it’s not directly advertised on a property listing, which can save you time when enquiring.

Register your details with a local letting agent and let them know that you’re specifically looking for a place to rent with a pet. They can help with your search and notify you when new properties become available that meet your requirements.

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