7 ways to prepare your garden for house viewings

Research has suggested that a well-maintained garden can add as much as £2,000 to the value of your home. Outdoor space is often a selling point, and while it’s not necessarily a make or break issue, it can still help influence a decision.

Two ways to view your garden

Before you even start to make changes or improvements, there are two points of view you need to think about when going about this:

  • The view of your garden from inside your house
  • Curb appeal

This will help give you more steer so that you’re not randomly and misguidedly hacking at your shrubbery.

From inside your house, think about what you can see. Maybe you notice an opportunity to use the window as a focal point? Or perhaps a different plant would improve the view? Focus on those parts of your garden first.

Curb appeal is the all-important very first impression of your house. It’s what makes the viewer excited to see the rest of your home, so it needs to be perfect.

Now you know where to focus your attention, here are some easy jobs that can make a big difference.

1. Tidy your garage and shed

Viewers will want to know how much room is in your garage or shed. Even if you’re taking your shed with you, it’s still worthwhile organising the interior to give the impression that your property is well maintained.

You want to give the perception of space, and the easiest way to do that is by being organised. Make sure everything looks neat and tidy, shelves are organised, and all spiders are evacuated.

If your shed is looking worn, give it a lick of paint and repair any visible damage too.

2. Remove bulky objects

Bulky objects like a BBQ or garden furniture can make your garden feel smaller, so try and tidy away what you can. If you keep garden furniture outside, dress it like you would inside your home. Place outdoor cushions on benches or a candle on a table to help viewers imagine how they would use the space.

If you have a large trampoline, you may be best leaving it where it is as the grass underneath is likely to be unhealthy. Of course, if you have time, you can always take the trampoline apart and sow more grass seeds to keep it healthy.

3. Clean the exterior

Break out the jet washer and clean your driveway, masonry, and any patio or paths. This will make a big difference to your curb appeal and takes an afternoon to do.

Clean your windows and doors too, polishing metal fixtures and generally getting rid of dirt and grime.

Don’t forget your guttering too; you might need to hire a professional for this but ensuring it’s clean and is your opportunity to look for damage.

4. Inspect for repairs

Look at your wall, fence and exterior of your house to see if there are any repairs needed. You only really need to repair the visible damage, but if it’s structural damage, it’s worth addressing as you don’t know how long it will take to sell your home.

5. Do some gardening

Get rid of dead plants, remove weeds, feed your lawn and add a little bit of colour. You want your garden to look spacious and alive, giving the impression that it’s not too much maintenance.

It doesn’t need to be pristine and perfect; you just want it to look like it’s lived in and enjoyed.

6. Add lighting

Lighting is useful if you’re showing your home during winter when daylight is at a premium, but it can also add a touch of drama.

Strategically places lighting can highlight parts of your home and draw the viewers’ attention.

7. Last-minute mow

Regularly mowing your lawn and trimming the edges keeps it healthy, so it’s something you should often do anyway.

But a day or two before a viewing, give it another once over to neaten it up for viewers and let the grass settle.

This will do wonders for your curb appeal and help to smarten up your frontage.

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