Building Defects You Must Not Ignore

Whether you are a vendor planning on selling your home soon, a landlord letting to tenants or a homeowner with no intention of moving, it pays to care for your home. When you keep your home in good condition, it pays off in the short and long-term. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with any major problems, but here are some building defects you must not ignore.

Defect roof tiles or a leaking roof

Your roof is integral to maintaining a good condition at home, and if there are problems up there, you’ll have issues throughout the house. Missing tiles, cracked tiles, moved tiles or any gaps or cracks around the chimney, vent pipes or sky lights can cause problems.

If there are cracks of gaps, hot air escapes and colder air can enter your home. Also, rain water can enter the house, and this is when problems start. A damp and miserable home is uncomfortable to live in, but it can result in problems that are expensive and difficult to resolve.

It is best to be proactive with your roof, and you should hire a professional to review your roof before the worst autumn and winter weather comes along. However, if you notice there is a proof with wind or rain making their way into your home through the roof, it is best to act swiftly.

Moss and fungus cause problems for homeowners

Wet rot and dry rot are both bard for your property, and therefore you. You will find wet rot forms after a sustained period of moisture and dampness in wood, while damp rot is known for spreading quickly, and it impacts on the integrity of timber. Moss is commonly found on external surfaces at your property, and it can lead to gutters and drains becoming blocked, which then creates further problems at home.

Settlement and subsidence are serious issues

If you have settlement or subsidence issues to contend with at home, this is serious because these refer to structural movements at the property. There may be stepped cracks in bricks and mortar joints at your home, and this can occur inside and outside of the property. You may also find that windows and doors are misaligned, and you experience problems opening or closing them.

No matter how this issue has arisen, and it can come about due to soil, plant or weather-related issues, it is vital you seek professional assistance quickly.

Brickwork and masonry problems affect your home

During periods of wet conditions, your home becomes exposed to rendering problems. You may find the rendering of your property becomes cracked or chipped, resulting in blocking being exposed, and this is because of moisture being absorbed. Poorly pointed brickwork may lead to problems at your home, with this being a concerning matter with chimneys.

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