The Luxury Accommodation Market of Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield is one of the most prestigious areas in the Midlands.

The local residents are incredibly proud of the fact it was granted royal status in 1528 – by none other than Henry VIII.

Over the years, the affluent nature of this town has become more apparent. You’ll find lots of manors with beautiful architecture here.

And the local facilities are great too. Good schools, excellent restaurants and cafes, and amazing parks – including the famous Sutton Park.

It’s a fantastic place to live for all sorts of different people – couples, families, retirees etc.

If you want to know about buying a house in Sutton Coldfield, then read on.

Sutton Coldfield – What’s the Area Like?

The granting of royal status is Sutton Coldfield’s most important moment in history.

It set the scene for how the town would develop over the next few centuries, with luxurious properties being built and affluent individuals relocating to the area.

As mentioned, the architecture of some of the buildings is truly amazing. A quick passing through the main road will make you want to live here.

And the parks are stunning.

We’ve already mentioned Sutton Park. If you’re not familiar, it is the seventh largest urban park in Europe.

It’s filled with incredible scenery, including woodlands, lakes, meadows and wildlife – all spanning across 2,400 acres of land.

Elsewhere in the area, golf fans will be delighted to know The Belfry golf course is nearby – host of the Ryder Cup on four occasions.

Those interested in Sutton Coldfield might also be interested in the fact that it was named as one of the top 20 family-friendly towns and villages in England by The Times in 2015.

Types of Luxury Properties in Sutton Coldfield

So, what is considered to be “luxury” in Sutton Coldfield?

A luxurious home, in our view, would be one of the many beautiful detached houses you’ll be able to find around town.

These buildings offer a decent amount of privacy, as you won’t have to share a wall with any neighbours.

Most of these types of houses have at least four bedrooms, many of them five. Occasionally, one of the seven bedroom manors will appear on the market.

The more prestigious homes typically feature a garage, lots of land, and ensuite bathrooms.

How Much Do Luxury Houses in Sutton Coldfield Cost?

If you want luxury in Sutton Coldfield, you need to pay a premium price.

That being said, this town is not as expensive as others close by.

A detached home with as many as seven bedrooms can be purchased for less than £1 million.

You might have to wait for one to come onto the market, but it could be worth it.

A standard four bedroom detached house can be bought for just £400,000, but if you want something a little more extravagant, you’re looking at a figure closer to £700,000.

Hunters Services

Hunters has a branch based locally, at 32 Beeches Walk.

Our excellent staff can help you get your luxury property on the market – whether you’re a landlord or a seller.

Simply give us a call to discuss your options.

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