Top Tips for Renting a Property With Pets

Top Tips for Renting a Property With Pets


Almost half of the UK’s population has a pet, and with predictions that a fifth of homes may be privately rented by this time next year, there is an increasing need for pet friendly rental properties. Finding a place to live as a tenant with a pet can be tricky, and it’s important that you and your furry best friend have somewhere safe and comfortable to call home.

If you have a pet and are looking to move house, then here are some tips that might help:

Leave Plenty of Time

Make sure you aren’t rushing to find a new property – it’s important to give yourself plenty of time if you have a pet to consider. Try and start your search a minimum of 8 weeks before you need to actually move, so you can draw up a list of properties and landlords that will be happy to accept pets.

Be Flexible

If you have a pet, then the chances are you’re going to need to be flexible when it comes to choosing a property to move into. It may be tricky to find your dream home while renting if you want to bring your pet with you, so pick one priority, such as location, house type or price bracket, then work around that.

Offer a Deposit

The majority of landlords are mainly concerned about the damage pets will cause to their property or furnishings. Pets can leave a lot of hair embedded into the carpets, and they can also damage walls and woodwork with their claws. By offering the landlord an extra pet deposit, you can reassure them that should anything happen within the property the repairs will be covered.

Market Your Pet

One way to increase your chances of finding a pet friendly home to rent is by demonstrating to landlords exactly how responsible a pet owner you really are. Put together a document about your pet including details about how often they are wormed and given flea treatments.

Tell them exactly who would look after the pet in an emergency and give them some extra contact details. It is also a good idea to introduce your pet to a potential landlord, as they may feel more at ease once they see how calm and well behaved your pet is.

Be Honest

The worst thing you can do is try and keep your pet hidden from a landlord, as it could result in you being evicted. Always be honest about your pets from the start if you are interested in a property, and if you get a straight up “no”, then there probably isn’t much point pushing it, as it may just cause conflict with the landlord at some point further down the line.

Vet the Property

If a landlord is happy with you having pets, then it’s important you check the property is actually suitable for your animal before moving in. Check there is enough space for your pet to be comfortable, a place for them to sleep, enough light and air, and nearby places to exercise them or let them roam around if they need to.

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