Top 4 Places to Retire to Abroad

When it comes to retirement, no matter what age you may take it, you want to be able to live easily with a comfortable disposable income. Assuming they have worked in England most of your lives, I think it goes without saying that the vast majority of Brits dream of retiring somewhere in the sun, spending everyday laid on a beach with a piña colada.

The advances in air travel now make the world a whole lot more accessible. According to the BBC, there is now an estimated 5.5 million Brits permanently living abroad; with Australia, Spain and the US being the most popular. The extra incentive of moving abroad is that you no longer only get to see your family and friends once in a blue moon; the fact that you can get flights at as little as £30 means you can get the best of both worlds in terms of living abroad as well as seeing your family in Britain.

When deciding on a retirement destination, factors such as house prices, health care costs, rainfall and temperature are most commonly taken into account. Below I have listed four of the best overseas destinations to take your retirement.


In recent years we have seen a good amount of Brits returning back to the UK from Spain due to the decrease in house prices, the currency fluctuations as well as the many planning permission disputes for building property. This being said, Spain currently has the lowest crime rate in the whole of Europe, as well as being home to the largest British expat community.

Spain is also home to an abundance of beautiful cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Finestrat as well as having a vast amount of rolling country side in Catalonia. Within these gorgeous cities, the prices still remain relatively cheap when compared to other western European nations, and will most definitely offer retirees a cost effective standard of living. Health care is well developed although it does have its limits for UK citizens. Private health care is recommended when opting for Spain as your retirement destination.


The Barbados Island has everything a retiree would need from a retirement destination; sun, sea, beautiful beaches and friendly people and as an extra added bonus, the temperature is always at an average of 26 degrees.

There are more than 26,000 British expats living in Barbados, and the native tongue is English so you will feel right at home; but living on a beach in the sun instead of at home in the rain. The major benefits of living in Barbados, excluding the sun and temperature, are the virtually free health care and low property tax, meaning your retirement income will go much further.


Thailand may seem a little farfetched for the typical retirement destination, but we have seen an estimate of 41,000 expats relocating to Thailand, and it is definitely the place for the retirees seeking further adventure. With its crazy Bangkok capital filled with life, its relaxed and spiritual atmosphere up in the hills of Chiang Mai, its rich history in Kanchanaburi, or its touristy feel in Phuket, Thailand really is a place that offers it all.

A major beneficial factor of relocating to Thailand is the huge drop in property prices compared to England, as well as the cheap petrol costs. That means you have more money to spend on the exquisite cuisine and seeing the many sites this South East Asia spectacle has to offer.


America is a great place to take retirement, however it is worth mentioning that the healthcare is very expensive and insurance costs for pensioners tends to be more expensive due to the increased likelihood of a claim.

Putting healthcare expenses aside, HSBC has recently calculated that the sterling to dollar ratio means that travellers are now getting much more for their English money in America than in many other major countries. As well as this, petrol is cheap and property prices are much more attractive compared to England, meaning you can get a larger scale house for less money.

The main attraction of America is the generally warm climate, and the fact that it is home to perhaps the most diverse range of culture and geography compared to other major countries. The sheer size of the country means that every city offers something of additional value and interest to a retiree.

These are just four of the countries I would recommend to look for property and retire to, however the Telegraph has a great article illustrating the top 20 retiree destinations if you are interested in finding out more about potential destinations. 

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