Why You Should Let An Agent Conduct Viewings

If you are selling your home, it is likely that you want to be part of the process. After all, this is your home. The outcome of the process will have a huge impact on your life, so it is perfectly understandable that you want to be part of the process, hopefully influencing the outcome to be as favourable as possible. There is also the fact that as the homeowner and resident of the local area, you will feel as though you have a lot to offer when promoting the home or local area.

This is why many homeowners believe they should conduct property viewings. However, this can often cause problems for the buyer and it sometimes means the property isn’t being promoted to the best possible standard. This guide considers why you should let an agent conduct viewings.

You want buyers to feel at home

In order to improve the likelihood of the buyer making an offer, you want them to feel at home and comfortable in the property. It is harder for a prospective buyer to relax or feel at ease in a property if the vendor is following them around or waiting to pounce on comments, questions or reactions.

Many buyers feel ill at ease when the homeowner is present, and we find it prevents the buyer from being honest. Most people aren’t going to criticise or provide feedback when the homeowner is present, because this may come across as being hurtful.

Therefore, sometimes a wrong impression is formed of a buyer's intentions when a vendor is present and there is also the fact that the buyer being present can see important feedback being missed. It is vital to generate feedback from buyers, because even if they don’t want to buy the home, they may have insight which allows the home to be better presented to prospective buyers in the future.

There is also the fact that an estate agent will be able to better gauge whether a buyer is interested or just being polite. Estate agents show houses on a regular basis and this means they develop an understanding of what likely buyers see and say when they find a house they like. This knowledge is often invaluable in following up in the right manner or in not wasting time on people who have no intention of making an offer on the property.

Estate agents conduct viewings for a living

You will also find the estate agent’s expertise in presenting the home and speaking with buyers to be a great help in presenting the property. Given that an estate agent shows people around homes on a regular basis, they will have experience and confidence in the role. A lot of homeowners feel as though they are perfectly suited to conducting viewings but find the pressure of the situation to be too much for them.

It is important to remember that there is a lot of pressure associated with property viewings. If this part of the process doesn’t go well, the house won’t be sold. Therefore, it is vital to present in the best manner and this places people under pressure, a pressure that estate agents are used to but which vendors may struggle with.

One area where the agent is experienced s in negotiating the price of the property. The vendor may make an ill-informed comment or may panic under pressure, and this can undermine the negotiating process when selling a home. By allowing an agent to conduct a viewing, the vendor removes themselves from the process and will hopefully prevent a pricing mishap or blunder from happening.

Another reason to allow the estate agent to carry out property viewings is that this is part of the service that is being paid for. If you are a vendor looking for the best value for money, use all the services an estate agent offers, and this includes conducting property viewings.

When it comes to selling a home, the viewing stage is crucial. It is important that prospective buyers are welcomed in an effective manner and that the process is carried out professionally. At Hunters Castleford, we are more than happy to provide you with a viewing service and a lot more assistance in selling your home, so please get in touch.

Why not give us a call on  01977 232 800 or come in and see us to see how we can help you at every stage of the sales process.

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