How to Make Rented Accommodation Feel Like Home

Tue 19 Aug 2014

Although you may not own your property, that doesn't mean you can't make your rented accommodation feel like home. It can be very frustrating when the list of things you can't do when decorating your new home is longer than the things you can do. Whether you have a 12 month contract or plan to rent for a few years, there are some easy enough ways to turn your property into a comfortab more

UK Property Market Sees Biggest Price Drop Ever

Mon 18 Aug 2014

Property prices have been on the up for a while now, but at last they seem to be coming back down. According to property giant, Rightmove, house prices have fallen by 2.9% during August, making it the biggest price drop ever seen in the property market. The survey, carried out by Rightmove, found that property prices have now been down for two consecutive months this summer, with a huge 6% more

How to Change the Name of Your House

Thu 24 Jul 2014

If you are buying a new house but don't like its name, then you may be right to change it, as it could actually end up de-valuing your property. Names are very important, as they evoke an emotional reaction in humans and can often play a part in how much a buyer likes a property. You may have a lovely little home called Daisy Cottage, but rename that home to Beetle Barn and it will be per more

4 Impressive Home Transformations

Thu 03 Jul 2014

We all have our own interests and unique styles, but how much do we actually represent this when buying our homes? Throughout the world there are an abundance of incredible homes, but some would say the most impressive are the spectacular transformations that homeowners have made to create the house of their dreams. Having a keen eye for potential and a creative mindset have pushed some of th more

Most Expensive Place to Buy a House in the UK Is Revealed…

Mon 30 Jun 2014

According to new research, Kensington and Chelsea is officially the most expensive place in the UK to buy a home. One square meter can currently cost buyers up to PS10,854, just showing how large the price gap across the country is really getting. The same amount of floor space in Stanley, Country Durham - Britain's cheapest place to buy a home - is actually 13 times cheaper, at just more

Property Investment: How to Spot the Next up and Coming Area

Wed 25 Jun 2014

Buy a property in a truly up and coming area, and you could be a hundred thousand pounds richer in just a couple years. Yet, in some areas described as "up-and-coming", it will take decades for property prices to rise significantly. So how do you tell the diamonds from the duds, and spot a really profitable area for investment? 1. London Gentrification, or the process of going fr more

5 Home Security Tips for the Summer

Wed 18 Jun 2014

School's out and summer is in, that means only one thing - it's time to go on holiday! We spend 11 months of the year looking forward to going on holiday, so it important nothing goes wrong while you are away. Your home is probably one of your biggest assets, so it is important you look after it at all times - especially when you aren't even there. Here are our tips for the best s more

EU Steps in to Regulate UK Property Prices

Wed 11 Jun 2014

The EU has advised UK chancellor George Osborne to moderate the controversial Help to Buy scheme. What is the Help to Buy Scheme? Help to Buy gives government assisted loans, mortgages and mortgage guarantees.  The scheme is restricted to first time buyers, and those who wish to move home and sell their current property. It's not available to investors or those buying second homes, more

Half of London Homeowners Could be Millionaires by 2019

Mon 09 Jun 2014

Research from online estate agent has found that the average property in London will be worth over a million pounds by 2019, if the current housing boom continues. According to the Office of National Statistics, the price of a typical London property has sky-rocketed by 17% over the last year or so, meaning that an average house in London would now set you back around PS459,000. more

What to Think About Before Buying an Old Home

Thu 05 Jun 2014

Even though new homes are growing in popularity, older homes are still the dream for many homeowners. An "old home" tends to refer to properties built earlier than 1940 and can conjure images of farmhouses, cottages and country homes all oozing with character and history. If you want a charming property with lots of space and an outbuilding or two, then you will definitely be looking at old more