How to sell your house quickly

You might be moving to another country, relocating cities or just need to sell up because of personal circumstances, there are different things you can do to ensure the sale goes a little quicker.

Be realistic with your asking price

One of the biggest hurdles to a fast sale is an off-putting asking price.

Research sale prices in your area to get an understanding of what similar properties have sold for.

Armed with that information, get a valuation from an estate agent too. Choose from either an instant estimate or an accurate in-person valuation for a true reflection of what your property is worth.

Your agent will advise you on the best asking price. It’s worth mentioning you want a quick sale but that shouldn’t be at the detriment of an asking price that reflects the value.

A reasonable asking price is the first step to getting viewers through your front door.

Prepare your house before you put it for sale

When you prepare your home for sale you need to look at it through the eyes of your buyer. What kind of impression does it give? What draws your eye?

You can split home preparation into two clear avenues - quick jobs and bigger jobs.

Quick jobs can be done on the days before or immediately before a viewing.

  • Declutter and get rid of stuff you don’t want, clear floor space, and tidy away things like toys, shampoo, shoes and coats.
  • Maximise natural lighting and make sure no bulky items are blocking windows. 
  • Clear away most personal items like photos to help viewers picture themselves there.
  • Clean! Just before there’s a viewing vac the floor and dust surfaces.

Bigger projects ideally need to be complete before you put your property for sale, so the advertising photographs look their best. Bigger projects include:

  • Clean grout. This can make a surprisingly big difference to the look and feel of your bathroom, getting rid of visible grime and brightening the grout.
  • Repair any visible damage like cracks or chips.
  • Neutralise the colour scheme. This is a bigger job, but it particularly helps buyers picture themselves living in your home as they’re able to get past the colour.
  • If you have a garden, mow the lawn, remove any dead plants and get rid of the weeds. For decking or patios, pressure wash them to clean it up.

Prepare a buyer’s pack

A buyer’s pack essentially tells buyers everything they might want to know about your property, neighbours and the local area. Think of it as an FAQ sheet and consider what first drew you to the property and local area.

This isn’t a must-have, but by providing that information and helping buyers come to a decision faster, you’re less likely to have a back and forth before an offer is made.

Consider who your property might appeal to as well to help form the foundation of the pack. For example, if it’s a family home, include information about local schools. Other information about transport links, local shops, parks and anything else you think helps to sell the area.

Start conveyancing early

To get ahead of the game you can instruct a solicitor or conveyancer once you put your house on the market.

There’s some simple administration that can begin early such as drafting contracts and applying for title deeds while you find a buyer.

This also helps to show buyers that you are serious about selling too.

Be strategic with when you sell

If you need a quick sale because you have a deadline of some sort, this advice isn’t relevant. But if you just don’t want the headache of a drawn-out sale, the time you put your property on the market can make a difference.

Each season has its pros and cons for selling.

Selling in the spring months is traditionally a good time. The market is often busy with potential buyers, and better brighter weather can really help boost the appeal of your home. Families usually start looking for a new home during spring, with the view of completing and moving once the school term has finished.

Selling in summer can be slow, especially if you’re selling to a family. Try and put your property on the market as early in the season as you can to avoid delays due to holidays and busy schedules.

Autumn is usually a good time to sell as there are no major public holidays and you still have enough daylight to make your home look appealing. However nobody wants to move at Christmas, so make sure you get your property on the market in early autumn for completion before or after Christmas.

Winter is generally a tougher time to sell. Darker days make it harder to get great photos and the cold and wet aren’t ideal moving conditions.

Pick the right buyer

If a speedy sale is your top priority, you don’t necessarily want to accept the first offer. Take into account the buyer’s circumstances.

Are they part of a chain? Do they have finance in place or do they still need to get a mortgage?

Make it clear too what’s included in the sale. This will help to filter out any buyers who will negotiate or have expectations that don’t align with your own.

Work with your agent

Your estate agent can make a massive difference to how quickly your property sells. Check reviews, rely on recommendations from friends and family and don’t base your choice on costs.

Transparency between you and your agent can also speed up the process. We have the My Hunters portal which makes it easy for you to track the progress of your sale. You can access details about viewing appointments, review feedback to make changes, and check the status of your sale too. All this means you don’t have to chase us and can be better prepared as you always know what’s going on at every step.

The right agent will also give you plenty of advice about how to speed up your sale. If your property isn’t selling as quickly as you want, talk to your agent and ask what you can do to get it back on track.

Take it to auction

Selling at auction comes with its own set of risks but if you find a buyer, completion is usually 28 days after the auction takes place.

You’re not guaranteed to find a buyer but, with the right agent and smart marketing, your property could sell for above its guide price.

Check out our auctions page for more information on how they work and how you could sell your home in as little as 28 days.