Stand out from the crowd 

To get you the right buyer, the marketing naturally begins with presentation of the property itself.
You should aim to appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers, so presenting your property in a good, clean, neutral fashion can really create a space potential viewers can imagine themselves living in. With more than 98% of buyers starting their property search online, the presentation of your property must be right.

Below are some of our recommended guides to help you with making your home look its best to be sale ready:

1. Make your home look attractive to buyers

2. DIY tasks to help make your home market ready

3. 7 ways to prepare your garden for house viewings

Your property will be marketed on all major property portals and social media:

*Social media depending on branch

It is essential to promote your home on social media, and the best estate agents provide this service. Social media advertising is a cost-effective way to promote the property, and it is possible to create highly-targeted campaigns. Therefore, social media boosting is an effective way of ensuring your promotional posts are seen by people who are most likely to have an interest in your property.

Modern technology and communication advances have created the opportunity for impact marketing to be hugely influential in property marketing. If you are looking to sell your house, call on the services of an estate agent who can utilise the very latest in technology and marketing methods. To promote your home effectively, call on Hunters.


Professional Photography

The impact that images have on prospective buyers is enormous. Descriptions are imperative and provide useful information, but when it comes to stopping people from scrolling and making buyers visualise the home, images are essential. In the present day, smartphone technology ensures many people have a high-quality camera in their pocket. However, great images rely on more than fantastic technology. The best images that promote a home and grab attention are styled to support key features and ensure a house looks at its best. 

Hiring a professional photographer costs money, but the cost is more than often justified by the results. A professional photographer highlights key features, they remove potential problems, they use lighting effectively, and they will spend time on the process to create stronger results. When you only have a second or two to grab a person’s attention, you need the best quality images, and hiring a professional photographer brings excellent results.

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