Living in the property

Property maintenance problems/ questions

If your property is managed by the Agent, you will be advised who to contact during your tenancy. They will discuss maintenance issues with you and whether action is needed either by yourself or the Landlord- depending on whether the issue is a long-term fault or through 'wear-and-tear'.

Your Tenancy Agreement and often a Tenants Handbook will help guide you on who is responsible for what and the timescales we aim to meet.  Many offices will have access to an online maintenance reporting process, your local office will explain this to you and show you how to access it.

If your property is managed by the Landlord, you will be advised of their name and contact details and you should contact them directly with any issues you may have.

Paying rent

Under the terms of the tenancy, your rent will be due normally each month (or each week/quarter) and it will be clearly stated when and how it should be paid. The tenancy will also normally specify the bank details you should pay to along with any ‘reference’ number to use. As the Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract, it is important that you pay your rent as due, on time. Agents and Landlords alike understand that on occasion payments can be late, but it is best to talk to your Landlord or Agent about this as soon as it happens, or may happen, so that action is not taken.

Property inspections

A property managed by the Agent will receive regular visits carried out by a member of staff. This will give the Agent an opportunity to check the property is being cared for on behalf of the Landlord – this will normally occur only a few times a year.  It is also an opportunity for Tenants to raise any queries during their time at the property.  Many Landlords do not live nearby so the Agent is often employed to ensure the property maintains in a good condition for you to live in.  If the Landlord manages the let themselves, they also may wish to visit periodically – both Landlords and Agents must give you proper written notice of when this may happen.

Hunters Top Tip

If anything breaks down or needs repairing before or after a visit please don’t wait for the next visit to tell your Agent! Contact them straight away.

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What happens near the end of your contract?

Towards the end of the fixed term of your contract the agent or landlord will be in touch to find out what you would like to do - you will need to decide whether to extend your stay or move out. Make sure you get in touch so the agent/ landlord can action the necessary. 

Staying put?

It is best to let us know around 1-2 months before the end if you do wish to renew the tenancy.  We will liaise with you and the landlord to ensure this works for both.  New contracts may need to be signed. 

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