Moving in day

Now that the proposed move-in day has arrived, there are steps you need to complete before keys can be handed over:

  1. All tenants/ guarantors to sign the Tenancy Agreement - many of our branches will do this electronically with all parties, so check with the local office. 
  2. Move-in money must have been paid and cleared, this normally includes:
         a. First month's rent
         b. Deposit
  3. Bring to the branch any documents you've been asked for, such as:
         a. Photo ID
         b. Right to Rent documents (England only)
         c. Proof of recent residency
         d. Confirmation of any insurance

What information will the agent provide to you?

Your agent can then hand over a copy of the Tenancy Agreement for your records along with the contact details of who you deal with going forward -this may be the Agent or the Landlord.  They will normally also provide you with a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate (if applicable), EPC, How to Rent Guide, Rent Smart Wales leaflet for tenants as a minimum.

Future rent payments will normally be made monthly and paid by standing order – your agent will give you all the forms to complete or bank details, so you can set this up in time for the next rent due date.

Your keys will be available to collect either at the local branch or at your check in appointment from either the Landlord or inventory clerk; your local office will go through this with you beforehand and make the appointment.

The Inventory

The inventory is a detailed list of the property contents and condition at the point that you move into it. By both parties agreeing that the inventory is correct at the start of the tenancy, any risk of disputes at the end of the tenancy will be minimised. We recommend therefore that you thoroughly check the inventory before you sign. 

Council Tax, Water, Gas, Electric and TV Licence

From the day you to move in until you move out you must ensure that your name is on the bills and all are paid on time (unless your rent includes bills).  You should contact each supplier once you have moved in but many of our Offices use a company who will also do this on your behalf – saving you lots of time!  This is a free service we provide but legally it is still your responsibility to do it.  Keep a note of your meter readings on move-in day from your Inventory and make sure you send off your meter readings regularly, so your bills are accurate.

Hunters Top Tip

Keep a file for your rental property, including the signed tenancy agreement, inventory and contact numbers in one place and to hand in case you ever need some information and especially for when you move out. Add your agent/landlords contact information into your phone; with some offices you can add a “bookmark” on your phone making reporting maintenance issues easy – ask in branch for details.

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