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East Grinstead is not a cheap place to live.

It isn’t quite London, where saving for a deposit has become a huge challenge, but overall you will need a decent amount of money to settle down here.

The average value of a property is approximately £456,270, according to Zoopla data.

That being said, there are affordable properties available here. The area is quite good when it comes to the variety of homes you can buy.

Our guide will give you an overview of the type of property you can expect to afford based on your budget.

And if you have any questions, our local team will be able to help.

£80k - £150k

This is as low as you can expect to pay for a property in the East Grinstead area.

It won’t get you much - more than likely just a one bedroom flat. Possibly two bedroom, if you’re lucky.

But if you’re simply looking to get on the property ladder, this is a good place to start.

There are homes within this price range designated specifically for those in retirement. They’re generally found in the quieter areas.

As you would expect, these properties are typically quite small. But comfortable enough for those who don’t need anything too luxurious.

£150k - £300k

Moving to a higher bracket, you can expect a little more.

At the lower end you can almost guarantee a two bedroom property, probably in a flat. One that is a little bigger and better than those in the £80k - £150k range.

However, this is also where you can start looking at houses.

There are terraced and semi-detached houses available within this price range, typically with around three bedrooms.

As you get closer to the £300k mark, you will notice there are still one or two bedroom flats on the market. These are, as you would expect, a lot more desirable than those with a lower value.

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£300k - £500k

If your budget stretches into the £300k - £500k range, then your have lots more options.

There are some truly beautiful properties available here.

That includes flats, terraces, semi-detached homes, and maybe even a detached property. Of various sizes - from one to four bedrooms.

We’ve even spotted the odd bungalow on the market in the past.

As you might expect, these properties are of incredibly good quality. There’s lots of space, and they’re generally based in really nice areas.

If you’re looking for the perfect family home, this is probably around the price you can expect to pay.


The most prestigious homes in East Grinstead will cost more than half a million pounds.

Some could even reach the £1 million mark, and beyond. For this price, you will truly be living a life of luxury.

Most of the properties are, as you would expect, detached. This gives the residents a certain amount of privacy.

The bedroom count is typically anywhere between three and seven. Each property normally comes with a decent amount of land too.

These represent the best East Grinstead has to offer.

If you’re interested in a property in this area, have a browse through our current listings.

And get in touch with our local branch if you have any questions.