Renting in East Grinstead

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Looking to rent a property in East Grinstead?

For many people at the moment, renting a home is much more realistic than buying one.

Luckily, East Grinstead has a good lettings market. And Hunters can help you find suitable accommodation.

Although it lies 27 miles outside of London, prices are still not cheap. But with the right estate agent (i.e. us!), you can get something within your price range.

This guide will give you an overview of rental prices in East Grinstead.

If you’d like to see current listings, visit this page. And if you have any questions, get in touch with our local branch.

£600 - £800

This is the least amount you can expect to pay, on a monthly basis, for a property in East Grinstead.

Unfortunately, it won’t get you much. A very simple one bedroom flat is all you can expect.

Or, you might be able to find space in a house share. But here you will only have the privacy of your bedroom, and access to communal areas.

There are also occasionally retirement properties available on the market, designated to older individuals.

These could include two bedrooms. Tenants must be at least 55 years of age to be eligible to live here.

£800 - £1,200

It’s much the same story when you enter this price range, one and two bedroom flats.

They will, however, typically be located in nicer areas, and closer to the centre of town - which is much more convenient than living too far out.

Many of these flats are of excellent quality, particularly when you go over the £1,000 per month mark.

Some have been converted as recently as 2016, and are in top shape.

They can feature very modern decor, including renovated kitchens and bathrooms.

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£1,200 - £2,500

If you can afford to move up a price bracket, then you could be living a very comfortable life in East Grinstead.

Spending up to £2,500 per month on a property will get you the luxury living you’ve always wanted.

There are still flats available in this price range, but now you can start looking at three bedroom semi-detached homes (closer to the £1,200 mark), and four bedroom detached properties (closer to £2,500).

Obviously a detached house gives you a lot more privacy, which many people are happy to pay the extra money for.

If that’s you, then this is where you should be looking.


Yes, occasionally you’ll find a property that costs upwards of £2,500 per month.

For this you can expect the best of the best. A house that gives you everything you could want, and more.

And it will likely be in one of the more desirable areas of East Grinstead.

They generally boast lots of land around the property. So if you like a big garden (or two), this would appeal to you.

If you’re interested in a property in East Grinstead, have a browse through our current listings.

And get in touch with our local branch if you have any questions.