Renting in Knowle

Knowle - Renting in Knowle

If you’re not committing to buying a property in Knowle, or you’re only going to be living in this wonderful village for a short period of time, then renting is a good option.


You’ll find a number of suitable properties for a variety of different budgets.


Here’s what you can get based on what you’re willing to spend.

£500 - £1,000 p/m

This is the bottom bracket of how much can expect to spend in Knowle, per month, on rent.


For this price, you can expect to find a two bedroom property.


At the lower end of the scale this will probably mean living in a flat. But you might be able to pay a little extra and get a bungalow, should one be on the market.


As you would expect in the Knowle area, these properties are all of a very high quality - and set in nice, clean neighbourhoods.


So you can expect a certain standard of living, even in the more affordable rental spaces.

£1,000 - £2,500 p/m

If you’re able to pay a more premium monthly rental fee, then Knowle can offer you a more deluxe living space.


At the higher end of this bracket, you can expect to be able to afford a three or four bedroom detached house.


And they’re likely to be found in some of the more sought after parts of the village.


Each will include a considerable amount of space - and will almost certainly offer a high level of privacy.


Many of the properties that come onto the market at this price are unfurnished, allowing you to create the home you want.

£2,500+ p/m

At the high-end of the scale, you find find some really, really prestigious properties on the rental market.


Knowle is known for featuring a number of luxurious houses. Upwards of five bedrooms, detached, a garage or two, etc.


Many of them are available to buy. But if you’re after somewhere to rent, there are usually one or two properties on the rental market.


And they’re typically based in a fantastic location.


If you’re willing to pay for the best, then you’ll get the best in Knowle. A high-end home here can be expensive - but more than worth the money if it gives you what you need.


Interested in renting a property in Knowle? Excellent choice. To get started, see what’s currently available by visiting this page - and searching for ‘Knowle’.