Renting in Tamworth

Do you need a property to rent in Tamworth? Hunters can help.

Our experience of letting and renting properties in the area is unmatched. We’re confident we can find you the perfect home. There are lots of different properties available. Some suited to single living, others to couples, and many for families.

This guide will tell you what you can expect based on your budget.

£400 - £600 p/m

For a very affordable price, you can afford a small flat to rent in Tamworth. Typically with just the one bedroom, but occasionally two.

As you would expect, this isn’t living a life of luxury. But it should be comfortable enough for one person living alone.
You’re more likely to see a two bedroom flat as you get nearer to the £600 p/m mark.

These are suitable for two friends who want to live together, who can then split the rent and pay just £300 p/m each.

£600 - £800 p/m

As you move up a price bracket, you’re almost certain to be able to afford a two or three bedroom property. Again, a number of these are flats - but the market generally has a few semi-detached and terraced houses available.

So you’ll have somewhere a little bigger, with more space to enjoy. Potentially even a decent-size garden. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a cottage available for rent. Although this is quite rare.

£800 - £1,000 p/m

There are some excellent properties available once you reach the £800 p/m figure.

Three bedroom semi-detached homes are quite common, and perfect for families looking for a space with enough room. Each is generally located in a nice part of town, with lots of useful amenities nearby - including good schools and transport links.

If you’re looking to live a comfortable life, these really are the types of properties you should pay attention to.

£1,000+ p/m

There aren’t many mansions, or extravagant-looking buildings available for rent.

But there are some properties with a little more luxury about them. And they can be rented from anywhere between £1,000 and £2,000 per month. This really is subject to availability. But if you look at the market at the right time, you might see a four/five bedroom detached house.

Complete with lots of external space, and plenty of privacy.

Interested in houses to rent in Tamworth? To get started, see what’s currently available by visiting this page.