Renting in Brentford


1 Bedroom


There are a number of one bedroom properties in the Brentford area, from shared accommodation to modern luxury apartments.

If you’re looking for a flat share, then you can secure a double room in Brentford for around £600pcm. These will often be furnished be within easy access of local amenities.

If you would rather have your own space however, then studio flats start at around £900pcm but can be slightly more, depending on their exact location.

One bedroom flats and apartments typically command a monthly rental of £1100, however, more modern, luxury apartments can cost over £2000pcm, but often come inclusive of a parking space, high security, and often have views of the River Thames.


2 Bedrooms


Two bedroom flats and apartments in Brentford start at £1300pcm. For this, you are likely to secure a bright, spacious apartment, which is decorated to a high standard and may even have off-street parking or terrace, depending on its location.

Properties of this size in the most desirable locations and developments can often ask for a monthly rental of £3,000, although these are usually on short-term lets.


3 Bedrooms


Three bedroom properties typically start from around £1450pcm, which will be enough for a good sized apartment or cosy house. Average rental costs are approximately £1800, but this can vary depending the type of property you are looking for.

Meanwhile, a new apartment or flat, such as in the Kew Bridge or Brentford Dock area, fully furnished and with stunning views can have a potential monthly rental of over £4250, and is the height of luxury.


4 Bedrooms


If you’re looking to rent a four bedroom property in Brentford, then property will start from around £2000pcm, however property does occasionally come to market for slightly less.

The average rental is estimated at £3000 per calendar month, however it’s not uncommon to see luxury properties rented for over £5000pcm.  


5 Bedrooms


Five bedroom homes rarely appear on the rental market, but when they do, rental costs tend to start around £3000pcm. This can rise to over £6,000pcm, depending on the property and its features.  For example, for this sort of cost, you could expect a larger property situated on the river bank, complete with garden, terraces, off-road parking and multiple en-suite bedrooms.