Landlords in Dewsbury

Dewsbury Landlord Guide


The West Yorkshire minster town of Dewsbury offers a haven for commuters and those with or looking for local employment alike. The 55,000 strong population enjoys the excellent shopping opportunities the town affords, and the surrounding Victorian architecture, with amenities, leisure facilities, and a pleasing blend of quietude and nightlife, complete the community experience.

These assets keep the town of Dewsbury thriving with long-term residents – the excellent transport system making it the perfect location for commuters travelling to and from Leeds, Huddersfield and other surrounding areas. Students of both the Leeds and Huddersfield universities also take up residence in Dewsbury, joining the working commuters on the trains to and from the town.

With property prices starting as low as £55k, the town provides opportunity for new landlords to climb the first few rungs of the property ladder, or indeed for those looking to expand their buy-to-let portfolio. Terraced properties in Dewsbury account for the largest number of sales, with the average price standing at £91,245 in the past year. Semi-detached properties enjoyed an average sold price of £124,256 during the same period, and detached properties went for an average of £222,343.

Overall, the average sold price of properties in Dewsbury over the past 12 months was £130,136. This, indeed, is worth noting, as it shows that Dewsbury offers very reasonable capital market growth, especially in relation to the relatively low costs of property. Over the past year, house prices in Dewsbury were up 3% on the year before. The cheap living costs of the town also mean that tenants are able and willing to spend a little more on rents.

Dewsbury, therefore, offers great prospects for buy-to-let investors. The town itself and surrounding villages provide a fantastic rental yield. Opportunities for property portfolios to be built-up to let are plentiful at all levels of the market, and at Hunters Dewsbury Estate & Letting Agents, we’re here to ensure that you find the right properties to meet your requirements, and indeed the right tenants to fill them.

We offer a high-quality, personal service to landlords letting in the Dewsbury area. Our landlords can rest assured that we take the highest level of care and perform adequate due diligence on all prospective tenants seeking to rent their properties. Your property deserves much more than a general, sweeping approach to letting – and more is exactly what you get with us here at Hunters.

Tenancy Agreements

Here at Hunters Dewsbury, we’re here to help you with every stage of the letting process. One of the most important stages, of course, is found in the drawing up of the letting agreement, which is why we include some guidance for our landlords here.

Your tenancy agreement is the legally binding contract between your tenants and yourself as the landlord. The contents of the agreement will form the conditions of the let.


The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) is the most common form of tenancy agreement. Both the rights of the tenant and the landlord will be made clear in this document, the most important of which being that you, as the landlord, will retain full right to repossess the property at the end of the agreed term of tenancy.


Despite referring to a “shorthold tenancy”, your AST will in fact be as good for as long both yourself and your tenant(s) wish it to be, and there is no maximum length of time that an AST will stand. The minimum amount of time a tenant has the right to remain in the property is 6 months.


As the landlord, you will normally be required to give at least two months’ notice if you wish to terminate the agreement.


The most important information that the AST will contain includes the following:

  • Landlord’s full name

  • Tenant’s full name

  • Address of property

  • The date when the tenancy will commence

  • The duration of the tenancy

  • The amount of rent payable, including details of how and when it should be paid

  • What other payments are expected of the tenant, including utilities bills and Council Tax


Here at Hunters Dewsbury, our number one aim is to ensure that we offer a friendly, personalised service that focusses on our client’s needs. If there’s anything that you need to ask, or if we can assist you in any way at all, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.