Houses for Sale in Filey - Buying in Filey Guide

£45,000 - £65,000

If you're looking to make Filey your home away from home then you can buy a slice of this haven from just £45,000. These apartments are nestled in luxurious holiday developments which typically benefit from communal gardens and impeccable onsite facilities. These homes may already be full furnished, but they're just waiting for you to make your mark on them. These contemporary homes are close to the coastline and close to the brilliant amenities the village of Filey has to offer. You'll never be far from the things you need.

£65,000 - £100,000

For classical one bedroomed flats within the village of Filey, you'll be looking to spend £65,000 and up. Buildings vary from converted Victorian buildings on the coastline to more modern terraces which have been converted into stylish open plan living spaces. The first two bedroomed homes appear at the £90,000 marker, and go from there. At £100,000 there are rare, stunning sprawling two bedroomed apartments which give you amazing views out over the sea.

£100,000 - £125,000

At £100,000 two bedroomed houses become far more common, and offer larger living spaces and kitchens. These homes start as terraces at the lower end of this price range, and graduate to being compact semi-detached properties quickly. With bright, airy spaces being common in Filey's varied architecture even the small properties feel spacious. Modern townhouses come into view at around £120,000 and are beautiful homes that will only ever need cosmetic changes to suit your personal style.

£125,000 - £150,000

Larger two and three bedroomed apartments and two bedroomed terraces abound at £125,000, and begin to offer extra features such as balconies and truly private gardens. There are also beautiful three bedroomed maisonettes available in this price band for those looking to combine their kitchen and living spaces, creating warm and inviting entertaining spaces. Above £130,000 we see the introduction of two bedroomed semi-detached properties on holiday home sites, and in the same wave are 3 bedroomed flats located in the centre of the thriving village. £150,000 - £175,000 For uncompromised sea views, there are two bedroomed apartments for around £150,000 which will meet your dreams. If you're looking for larger family homes then there are a number of three bed terraces throughout the area.With private rear gardens there's plenty of space for children or pets to run around. All homes in this price range benefit from large living rooms and open and inviting kitchens.

£175,000 - £200,000

If you're looking for larger family homes that can happily house two or three generations, then this could be the price range for you. At the lower end of this price range are a number of beautiful, modern semi detached cottages. As you progress through this price bracket you'll find the first four bedroomed properties in Filey, but these are rarely on the market for long. For the most part, this price bracket is dominated by detached three bedroomed homes, which are modern and timeless.

£200,000 - £250,000

Above the £200,000 threshold are more classic seaside homes. Designs range from detached bungalows to sprawling four bedroomed terraces, and if they're not directly on the sea front, it's usually only a three or four minute walk away. With large living spaces and airy bedrooms you'll never feel short of space.

£250,000 - £300,000

This is the last common price range in Filey, and for this you can expect to find the finest homes that you'll love to live in. Homes in this price range are typically classical on the outside, but modern and recently renovated on the insider; providing the best of both worlds. With dedicated parking, large gardens and even larger living spaces these homes are a great choice for those people who want to relax in style without changing the natural beauty of the area. Detached three and four bedroomed homes provide plenty of space and quiet for families, and the large windows look out across the village and sea. If you have your heart set on seaside living then you can find luxury three bedroomed bungalows on the coastline. These homes are minimalistic blank canvases and places that you can happily imagine spending decades in.

£450,000 and above

With a larger budget come the very largest homes in Filey, such as five and six bedroomed detached homes overlooking the sea. With multiple reception rooms, bathrooms and large bedrooms, these homes are incredible family homes, or a great way to make an investment in Filey. Being few and far between, these homes are always worth viewing, and seriously considering as your next home. The additional space allows you to turn spare rooms into your offices, games rooms or your own personal cinema. If you're not already excited by these prospects, then just view these properties in all of their splendor, and you'll quickly be convinced.