Renting in Filey Guide - Hunters Filey Letting Agents

Are you interested in renting a property in the Filey area? If so, we can help you out. Our local Hunters branch can assist you every step of the way - from finding a suitable home, to completing the paperwork. Filey is such a lovely place to live, we’re certain you’re going to love it. Here’s everything you need to know about rental costs in Filey. You’ll find there’s pretty much something for every budget.

£300 - £500 p/m

This is as low as you can expect to pay every month for a property in Filey. It won’t get you an awful lot. Most of the properties, particularly at the lower end of this bracket, are very simple, one bedroom flats. You can move into a bigger, much nicer place if you wish - but it will in all likelihood be in a house share situation. So people will likely already be living in the property. You could be looking at a house with at least five or six bedrooms. If you want to live alone, or with someone you know, then a two bedroom flat can be rented for £450-£500 per month.

£500 - £750 p/m

If your budget is a little more generous, then you have a few more options. You could go for the one/two bedroom flat - or upgrade to a three bedroom flat, or possibly a semi-detached house. For the latter, you’re looking at spending around £600-£700. And there aren’t often many on the market, so you’ll need a little bit of luck. Although there are still a number of two bedroom flats in this price range, they’re generally of a better quality, and located in nicer areas, than those in the £300-£500 per month range.

£750+ p/m

If you’ve got a more premium budget - then again, you’ve got a lot more options to choose from. Do you stick with a more affordable flat, and save the extra money for something else? Or spend your hard earned pounds on the best possible accommodation? If it’s the latter, then you can look at properties that will set you back £750 per month. It doesn’t really get higher than £850-£900 - but for something along those lines you could bag yourself a luxury flat, complete with three bedrooms. Fancy renting a property in Filey? To get started, see what’s currently available by visiting this page - and searching for ‘Filey’.