Ripon Buying Guide

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1 bedroom (£99.5k - £120k)

The first one bedroomed properties in Ripon appear on the market for under £100k and are ready to be your first step onto the property ladder. Mews style and open plan apartments appear from £95k and quickly increase in price to £105k. These properties are generally marketed towards investors, but they’re also a great option for first time buyers. For larger 1 bedroomed apartments and terraced houses, expect to spend upwards of £120k, but as the market currently stands the most expensive one bedroomed homes are still under £140k.

2 bedrooms (£110k - £235k)

Prices for two bedroomed properties in Ripon vary greatly, with auctioned properties guide price’s being from £110k and up and the most expensive listed for sale at £235k and up! At the lower end of the price range you find classical flats with modern interiors and large windows. As prices steadily increase, so do the beauty of the surroundings, with some set in the old college grounds, and others in walking distance of Ripon’s historic cathedral. As you approach the £200k mark, you find waterside set apartments in listed buildings, and then bungalows with attached gardens. At £225k, you find more luxurious and more recently renovated 2 bedroomed homes. These are typically in rustic brick building and fitted with every modern convenience imaginable.

3 bedrooms (£160k - £360k)

This particular bracket starts from as little as £160k and steadily increase to a (typical) maximum of £360k. For approximately £175k you can find charming terraced homes, and semi detached properties for £200k and up. The majority of 3 bedroomed homes currently on the market in Redditch are semi detached houses, but there are also a number of detached homes from £275k and up. The gardens with these homes increase as the prices do, and although there isn’t a strict correlation of house price to garden size, it can be said that the more you spend on the house, the more lustrous the attached gardens will be. When you pass the £320k marker, detached homes become prevalent with off street parking for 2 cars, and at the highest echelons of this range you’ll find large bungalows with open fireplaces and period period properties which have been made into fantastically idyllic homes.

4 bedrooms (£250k - £550k)

The price and size of 4 bedroomed properties in Ripon vary greatly. With even the least expensive homes offering good sized living spaces and bedrooms, homes in this bracket are always a great investment into the future. Above £275k kitchen sizes increase exponentially, and then at £300k you find impressive landscaped gardens and second or even third reception room. There are very few 4 bedroomed properties between the £300k and £400k points, with these being characterful properties that encapsulate Ripon’s history perfectly without ever compromising on quality or comfort. Between £400k and £500k buyers have the choice of immaculate new builds or light drenched period properties. Features such as conservatories and larger dining rooms become common in these properties, and make for great spaces for multi-generational families, or just families who love to entertain guests on a regular basis. When you cross the £500k threshold, properties become reminiscent of boutique hotels, with stunning views of Ripon and the world beyond.

5 bedrooms (£275k - £620k)

Five bedroomed homes are rarer in Ripon, with the selection being spread between terraces, townhouses and detached properties. These prices range wildly, with central properties at the lower end of the price range and more pastoral properties becoming more prevalent over £450k. Whatever you’re hoping to find from a five bedroomed home in Ripon, you’ll be able to find it, whether it’s endless storage or immaculate outdoor spaces. Typically these homes have at least a one car garage, but you’re likely to find space for a second car, or maybe even a third.

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